Master swim workout on August
August 8th 6AM Master swim

Swim Relay for a Cause: Progeria

On August 5th, I participated in a charity swim relay to benefit the Progeria Research Foundation.  This was an amazing event organized by Gina Kehr with assistance from Robin, Nathaniel, Jon, Karen, Rob, Kirt, PAC and Affinity Multisport

The event consisted of a warmup, followed by a 4 or 5 people relay, which each person completing 10 x 100s.  The goal was to best estimate the overall team time, not necessarily the fastest relay team.  Our team relay #1 posted a 47:23, which was :47 under our guess-estimated time.

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Great job to all involved in supporting such a great cause!  Learn more about Progeria below:


Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome ("Progeria", or "HGPS") is a rare, fatal genetic condition characterized by an appearance of accelerated aging in children. Its name is derived from the Greek and means "prematurely old." While there are different forms of Progeria*, the classic type is Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome, which was named after the doctors who first described it in England; in 1886 by Dr. Jonathan Hutchinson and in 1897 by Dr. Hastings Gilford. For more information please see website at



Marlene with 6AM masters Lane 4 local, Zoe.


What's up with my bad stroke technique (straight arm)


Gina Kehr and Marlene

My relay team #1: Dave, Marlene, Gina, Don and son