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2012 Kaiser Half Marathon: PR on a beautiful day!

It's a great feeling to be able to pull off a PR in a half marathon with less than 6 weeks of training.  When I resumed running the week after Christmas, I could barely run a 12 min/mi.  Today, I was able to hit my goal of a 2 hour half with an average pace of 9:17min/mi.  WOOHOO!

It was a gorgeous day up in San Francisco for the race.  Everything was really well organized and all of the volunteers were very helpful.  I found that some of the mile markers were considerable off according to my Garmin.  But it all equaled out almost by the end... I logged an extra .17 mile somewhere along the way.

My previous time when I did this event back in 2009 was 2:18.  So today was a 13% improvement in time! I guess the 38 TRIATHLONS that I have done between then and now have taught me a little about running, just a little tho. :-)

Cheers to setting short term goals and achieving them!


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