Marlene wins 3rd Place: 2011 USA Triathlon Southwest Regional Championship Race
VIDEO: 2011 Southwest Regional Championship

Marlene's Pre-Race Tips

If you are seeking the pre-race week tips, full recovery day should be THURSDAY for a SATURDAY race - Not Friday.  FRIDAY is full recovery day for a SUNDAY race.

On the day before the race, time and logistics permitting, try to get all three disciplines in.  Short swim, ride and run.  Short durations with 4-6 x [30 sec - 1 min pickups at race pace].

Race day warm-up: .5-1 mile jog. Select a couple of your favorite track drills. 4-6 x [30 sec pickups a little faster than race pace - like strides but not max effort]. 

For Vineman folks, if you jog up the road and over the bridge which crosses the river, there are park restrooms on the right which have real toilets with water.  It's really close to transition and allows you to avoid the porta-potty lines and yuckiness before your race.

Get in the water before race start for swim warmup - 5-15 minutes time/wave permitting.  Don't wait until the last possible minute. You won't stay 'warmer' and your body will still be absorbing the 'shock' of the water when the wave starts.  Best to avoid this.

Good luck racers!