First week of February 2010 workouts
Blasting out the pre-race workouts

Working out back East

On a recent trip back East to visit my extended family, I had the opportunity to train at the Gold's Gym Westborough, the YMCA Westborough branch as well as a snow trail run (while snowing) on the Tarrytown Reservoir.

Saturday, 2/13

  • RUN: Treadmill. 6 miles. Speed 6.5 miles 1-2, Speed 7.0 miles 3-4 , Speed 7.5 miles 5-6.

Sunday, 2/14

Monday, 2/15

  • BIKE: Expresso bike machine. Vindicator course. 54 min. 12.21 miles
  • RUN: Treadmill. 2 miles.

Tuesday, 2/16

  • RUN: 5K in the snow! Slow but steady.