Running in London :-)

 I had the privilege of getting to run in the city of London during my work trip to this great place. We stayed at the Montcalm @ The Brewery which is located in the heart of the city. After 2 days in the tiny indoor fitness room, I knew I had to venture off and try running in the streets. My concern is that I didn't want to run with my iPhone 6 phone because its so big and even in my carry pouch, it bounces around too much and is too annoying! 

I decided my plan would be to take an old-fashion paper map - stuffed in the back pocket of my cycling jersey. The challenge would be getting from the hotel down to the River Bank area since there was no direct street.  On Run #1, I had to stop a bunch to get my directions down and still managed to not get fully lost - which I declare a great successful. Run #2 was even better because I didn't need the map at all. I took a course down to the River Bank, across the Millennium Bridge, through the South End Art district, back over the Westminster bridge and back on River bank.

London is an amazing city!

Clock Tower View


City Street Selfie


City Street View