Your know you're an Ironman when...

Your know you're an Ironman when...

It's 5AM...the gym at the Dragon Hotel doesn't open until 6:30AM and your company bus back to train station is leaving at 7AM. What do you do: take the running to the streets of downtown Hangzhou, China - where street running is definitely more hazardous than road cycling considering cars, buses, taxis, scooters, bicycles, pedestrians, random dogs, road work, garbage, street construction, sweeping, heat and humidity.  

Wasn't long, wasn't fast - it was done.

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New York City Central Park Running

Definitely on my bucketlist to run in Central Park. Traveling back to NYC for a work trip provided the perfect opportunity last month. The park isn't actually as big as I had imagined. I was able to the whole park in a nice 10K loop. Best part was being able to stop and take photographs - run sightseeing as I like to call it! :-)

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Marlene named 2015 All American in Long Course Aquabike

Super thrilled to be named All American for the 2015 Season in Long Course Aquabike! Definitely icing on the cake after winning Aquabike Nationals back in September 2015. Final ranking is 2nd in the Nation in age group! Long course Aquabike is a 1.2 mile swim followed by a 56 mile bike - so much fun!

On the triathlon side, I ranked in the top 18% percentile in the Nation for 2015 age group races. Excited to see what the 2016 will bring!

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