Oakland Gran Fondo: 100 mile Vaste Fondo

The Oakland Gran Fondo - Vaste Fondo 100 mile ride started at Jack London Square at 7AM. I got a flat on my front Zipp 404 tire at mile 30 coming down Palomares. I tried changing it on the side of the road - got the new tube in, tire on and couldn't get it to inflate. Turns out the value extender was not threading properly, making it impossible to fill. SAG car took me to a local bike shop where I got a new tube with a long value. Had to get a new tube as value extender was not working on my spare. Took about 2 hours before back on the road. Garmin 510 bike computer which I started the bike with died and lost the ride. I started the Garmin 920XT watch shortly after the restarting after the flat so captured 65 miles of the 100 mile ride. Got a little lost getting back to Jack London Square through the city of Oakland - it was an interesting urban experience. :-) Estimated total time: 6:30. Thank goodness for friendly participants and volunteers. This was the official ride for reference. #iheartcycling

Top of Palomares